The Art of Versatility

About Me

My name is Emily Rinaldo. I am Jason Lanier’s model and photographer. I am also a Speech-Language Pathologist.

I received my Master’s in Speech Language Pathology (SLP), with a deafness speciality, at age 23 from Nazareth College of Rochester in Upstate, New York. 08.15.2017, I moved to Oregon as a traveling SLP who worked in the schools.

I chose to move to Oregon because I have been passionate about photography and wanted to be next to the ocean and mountains. I packed up my car, grabbed my a6000 and drove 3,000 miles across country.

My experience in Oregon was nothing short of rich. Initially I worked with children ages 3:0-5:0. The first part of my day, I pushed into a center-based classroom as an SLP. The second half, I served as a classroom teacher in a listening and spoken language class for twelve children who are deaf or hard of hearing. I also participated as a member on the feeding and swallowing team. After receiving my CCC’s, I briefly provided Early Intervention services in the homes to children birth to three.

Approximately May of 2018, Jason held a photowalk in Seattle. I purchased a spot and drove about four hours to attend. He expressed interest in photographing me. Given careful and well thought-out planning, I agreed to be Jason’s assistant and moved to San Diego, California a few months later.

Of course leaving Speech was challenging; however, opportunity doesn’t wait. Just as I thought that Speech was as good as it gets, life suddenly became better. Travel More, Do More, Be More, Grow!

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