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Yesterday, I assisted Jason with his 1:1 in Oceanside, CA. Just before leaving, he lend me his a9, 24-70 GM, aeos, tripod, monopod, and a few spare batteries. I was absolutely thrilled to take home and play with all the gear for the next couple days. Jason gave me a few “homework” assignments for some continued practice with photography.

I started the morning by walking to the beach at the end of my road. It was a cloudless day, making the lighting pretty harsh; however, it was also 70+ degrees in the middle of December - so I’m not complaining. 

I went to my favorite hang spot and took a few shots. Some dude approached me and tried to allude to aliens making some crazy imprints in the rocks. So… I walked toward a different beach :)

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At the other beach, I found myself feeling extra courageous and before I knew it, the tide reached my knees. I laughed - went home and dried my boots out. Then I proceeded to La Jolla.

I  was very excited to go to La Jolla Cove. I read about the sea lions, but had just not yet gone to photograph them. The Cove was packed and filled with tourists and photographers; however, I was still excited to be there. It was the first time I ever saw Sea Lions in the wild. I immediately started shooting but remained wary of the surrounding animals. A sea lion sneezed on me and it made me laugh. They most definitely have fun personalities.

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I found these cute little babies and they seemed to like the sound of the shutter. I was so excited about their cuteness that I lost sight of some fundamentals (i.e. avoid placing the horizon through their head, avoid cutting off limbs etc). 

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I took a moment to review some shots and wasn’t satisfied. That’s when I remembered to slow down and compose correctly.  I went back toward the sea lions and took some more shots. I felt more comfortable with the babies; the big ones were definitely sassy and would chase people and other sea lions!

As sunset approached, I busted out the aeos and quickly noticed that the animals responded negatively to it. I also realized I wasn’t going to be able to get close enough to illuminate them with soft light. So after shining the light for like three minutes, I quickly turned it off and snapped a couple more images. 


Again there weren’t any clouds so I wasn’t totally in love; however, it was great to get out and play. I’m eager to go back (maybe tomorrow) and try again. I’m super grateful my boss lets me practice while I’m home. It felt awesome walking around with 10k in gear.  Appreciative? Absolutely. Spoiled? Most definitely. Do I love my job? 100% Everyday feels like a vacation…. #nodaysoff #everydaysoff :) Thanks for reading!

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