The Art of Versatility





OSHA Violation

It was time to hit the road. We were off to the beautiful city known as, Prague. As per usual, Jason and I had an eventful drive. We listened to comedy and sang some tunes while admiring our surroundings. A memorable moment occurred as we drove past shirtless construction workers. From Switzerland to Czech Republic, the majority of construction workers appeared to be basking in the sun! We would laugh and laugh and joke about the field day OSHA would have with them.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Memorable moments didn’t only occur while driving, we also found humor in every rest stop taken. The thought that all Europeans know English is a very false misconception. We most definitely experienced language barriers and attempted to repair them with gestures. It was always exciting to figure out what type of gesture Jason was going to use to bridge the communication gap with the cashier. Whatever gesture it was, I often found it to be hilarious.

When we arrived in Prague, the city burned gold due to the sun starting to set. I thought I enjoyed Zurich’s architecture, Prague was absolutely remarkable. The delicate designs on the building’s peaks and archways shined gold. They were just stunning. The city contained pastel hues of light yellow and light pink. We drove down bricks roads next to the river and attempted to get ready and pull off a shoot.

Our Comical Search for Food

Unforeseen events took place and as a result, we were unable to initiate the shoot. Instead, we attempted to find somewhere to eat. As per usual, we were craving Italian and drove around the ruleless streets of Prague in hopes of finding our desired location (a restaurant spotted when previously looking for somewhere to photograph). After looped through the city and began to acclimate to Prague’s ruleless roads. On our drive, we passed strips of designer stores and clubs throughout the city. One club that kept jumping out at us was James Dean; oh, did we become familiar with James Dean.

Driving along, we approached a large circle surrounding various businesses in an active part of the city. We drove by a nice group of men enjoying dinner, smiled, and continued on our way. Hmm… “there’s James Dean again. Let’s try to go a different way” we thought. Before we knew it, we circled the lot three times and surely made eye contact with the group of men enjoying dinner each time. I’ve lost it at this point; I find it absolutely hilarious that we kept getting stuck on this stupid loop.

So - we tried a new approach. I remember the restaurant had “ristorante” in the name. Jason pulled over a moment and typed “ristorante” into the GPS. Three locations popped up, all within 600km. We followed the GPS and around the loop we went; we passed the dining men, and James Dean yet once again. Before meeting the dining men for the fourth time. Jason noticed a lovely brick sidewalk that appeared to resemble JL street. JL street contained approximately four groups of patio furniture that accompanied neighboring restaurants. Only one vehicle was one the street, which optimized JL parking. Oh, don’t let me forget to mention, that the only vehicle on JL street was the Polize. Two cops looked out their window and watched us drive down this walkway - clearly where cars are not prohibited, and waited to see how far we got. After almost approaching dining guests, Jason decided to turn the BMW around and before we knew it - we were making eye contact with the dining men on the corner again. This time we noticed the group started to become concerned- their smiles turned to blank stares. In an effort to reciprocate the greeting we thought it would be funny to stare back. For a brief moment in time, we pretended like we were hitmen driving around unarmed in Prague. Okay- our last attempt to find some damn food. And what do we do? Pass James Dean… again. We passed the dining men again and then agreed to order room service.

Leaving Prague, Another McDonald’s Adventure

The next morning we were off to Poland. We decided to grab breakfast on the go and Jason parked at his earliest convenience. Part of us knew that this JL spot might be a little risky so I decided to wait in the car. Moments later, a gentleman in a delivery truck laid on the horn and started to aggressively flail his arms at me. He raced his truck next to the BMW and started to cross his arms as if he were making an ‘x’…… ‘x’,’x’.. why was this man abruptly gesturing an ‘x’ at me? Oh… because we were in a no parking zone- which became apparent once I noticed the giant sign with an ‘x’ that were we were parked under. lol. Feeling rushed and nervous, I quickly attempted to resolve the situation by moving the vehicle. I get in the driver’s seat and quickly recognized that I have very limited experience with luxury vehicles. I couldn’t put the freaking thing in reverse. After foolishly attempting every possibility - I finally figured out that the car goes in reverse when you push the button and move four clicks up. DUMB. Whatever - it worked. So away I moved and thankfully Jason exited the building with our breakfast.

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