The Art of Versatility





Poland to Prague

We left Poland and headed back to Prague. By this time, I’ve completely lost sight of the day of the week and pretty much time in general. Jason and I attempted to recreate an evening shoot and were pleasantly surprised to find out much better results awaited in our future. Morning arose and Jason and I tried one last time to capture the essence of Prague.

Jason’s viewers frequently ask why Jason shoots so wide in such beautiful places. In an effort to accommodate the request, Jason attempted to shoot using a range from narrow to wide. As we recorded an introductory video, Jason and I noticed a city services vehicle misting the public in the background. All we had to do was look at each other and we both knew I was going in! Moments later, the impromptu shoot initiated and we begin having loads of fun. People gathered and watched while others hung around to stay cool. It was exciting, playful, and refreshing! A neat aspect of this shoot was that the mist actually served to diffuse the sun in the sky. It provided a really neat effect that seemed to work in our favor. To us, that shoot really highlighted the essence of photography. After the impromptu shoot, Jason and I packed our gear and headed toward Stuttgart, Germany.


An impromptu shoot by Jason Lanier.

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