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Avoiding Heat Stroke, My First Assistant Duty.

August 2, 2018, I boarded to Zurich, Switzerland at 5:55 pm. Following an eleven-hour plane ride, I reached Zurich at 5:00 pm the next day. Jason met me at the airport and we attempted to find somewhere to eat. We drove through Zurich as the sun was about to set and admired the architecture that towered through the city. I asked Jason if we should add a pin on the car but he decided against it. He thought it would be humorous to figure out who could get us back to the car once we got lost. We continued walking along the windy brick roads and found ourselves at a nice little restaurant. Jason ordered warm leeks and soft eggs and I ate pasta. Just kidding - we actually both ate pasta, lol.

Expectations were discussed at dinner and we headed back toward the parking garage. As expected, we spent a tiny bit of time searching for the car. It was fun though, with our heads up in the clouds we were eager to decide who would find the recognizable landmark (the canon) first. We never did find the canon; however, we did find a familiar business that lead us to the parking garage. We approached the atrium in complete relief, both of us were eager to soak up the AC. As our feet crossed the automatic doors we were suddenly taken by surprise and blasted with heat! Why on earth was there heat being used on an 80-degree day!? No idea - but I couldn’t wait around to figure it out! In a complete and total effort to avoid heat stroke, I initiated my first assistant task- open the door and save our lives! I ran to the door to provide fresh air while Jason paid the parking garage fee. 🤣 Once free to exit the heated atrium, Jason removed the car from JL parking and headed back to rest. I entered my hotel room - gazed into the mirror and smiled because I finally realized I was chasing my dreams.

Zurich, Workshop Part I

It was the next morning and I met Jason downstairs for breakfast. We enjoyed our preferred beverages and waited for the attendees to arrive. On the first day of the workshop, Jason practiced image compositions using natural light and diffusers, with the group in Zurich’s local forest. After several hours of shooting, we all gathered for lunch and devoured our $30.00 burgers (Switzerland is not cheap lol). As an aside - I absolutely loved the cucumber on my burger instead of a pickle.. I found it to be very refreshing! 😊

Following lunch, we reconvened at a local pier and suddenly found JL parking. After stepping out of the vehicle, I was happy to see walls covered in graffiti murals. As I approached the illustrated building, I come across and open door. As per usual, the building lured me in. Upon entry, I opened my eyes to a huge renovated space full of fresh white walls. As I exited the building, Jason asked me if I was looking for a strip club. Little did he know, he was closer to the strip club than he thought.


Aspects related to posing were addressed against the murals. The models, and I flirted with the building and provided the group with opportunity to capture classic, urban exploration shots. Once the group felt comfortable with their settings and compositions, we regrouped near a tree next to a small playground. Jason further described ways to pose. With my back to the water, I faced the group while Jason directed. Before I know it, everyone’s attention had shifted toward a nude man standing ankle deep in the water. After a quick laugh, our attention returned to the workshop. The group split into three groups of four and were given five minutes to pose the models and implement the techniques previously learned. Introductions were practiced and confidence was built. The workshop concluded by the attendees photographing the models in the night sky.

Zurich Workshop, Part II

On this day, the workshop attendees really started to dive into lighting techniques. In addition to the group’s own gear, the neo 2s, supported with the Westcott halo were utilized. Jason provided each attendee with a 1:1 opportunity to critique images and answer business-related questions. After the event, Jason and I enjoyed a delicious Italian meal in the heart of the city. The restaurant was flawless and to top it off we were provided with excellent service from a cheerful young man who sang Queen and danced through the dining hall. The day was really quite enjoyable. Friendly faces, delicious food, and fabulous entertainment.

Image taken by Jason Lanier at a  Jason Lanier Photography Workshop

Image taken by Jason Lanier at a Jason Lanier Photography Workshop

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